Introducing the Sarah Swanson Beauty Bar You'll Never Use Another Soap Again!
All-in-One Beauty Bar with All Natural Essential Oils & Exfoliating Loofah
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Endorsed and LOVED by TV Legend, Lisa Robertson! 

Lisa Robertson knows a great product when she sees it! 

A designer, fashion authority, and TV personality, she is a former host of QVC for 20 years, becoming a major role player in the company operations and the brand as a whole.

She has appeared as an expert on "The Anderson Cooper" show, "The Bethenny Frankel Show", "The Wendy Williams Show", "The Big Idea, with Donny Deutch", and more. She was cited as one of New Beauty's "Beauty Authorities" in 2014. and received the 2014 Philadelphia Woman of Distinction Award, and has appeared in other publications, such as Vogue, People, USAToday, etc.

Lisa LOVES The Sarah Swanson Beauty Bar, and you will too!

The Best Ingredients - For Your Best Possible Clean

Made with the Highest-Quality Ingredients, and All-Natural Essential Oils!


Relieves Stress & Anxiety



& Reduces Fatigue


Helps Brighten Skin 

& Fade Scars


Stimulates Activity in the Sympathetic Nervous System

These are the ingredients you would normally find in high-end skincare for your face and now you have it for your body. 

Once you use the Sarah Swanson Beauty Bar, you'll love its amazing foam and pillowy texture that floats on your skin. You'll immediately feel the hydration and the moisture soaking into your skin, giving you long-lasting, all-day hydration you can feel.

Finally, a Head-to-Toe Skin Regimen Packed Into 1 Beauty Bar

Regular soaps claim to moisturize and soften skin, but, in reality, are harsh, stripping, and packed full of chemicals. Why take great care of the skin on your face and not your body? 

Introducing the Sarah Swanson Beauty Bar. It has glycerin to hydrate, it has shea butter and oatmeal to moisturize and a loofah to exfoliate built right in. It’s a full-body skin care regimen in the shower. Packed with essential oils, you're going to feel the difference immediately!

Because of its ultra-hydrating properties, you can ditch that expensive shaving cream and use the Sarah Swanson Beauty Bar to shave your legs silky smooth and irritation-free!

Why Invest in The Best Quality Products on JUST YOUR FACE?

Now You Don't Have to!


Gentle on Dry, Sensitive Skin



Skin's Natural Oils


Corrects PH of 

Itchy or Inflamed Skin


Built-in Exfoliation

With glycerin to hydrate and shea butter and oatmeal to moisturize, plus a loofah to exfoliate built right in, it’s a head-to-toe skin care regimen in the shower. What makes the Sarah Swanson Beauty Bar better than anything you’ve used before? The highest-quality ingredients that are best for your skin. 
Handmade With Love 

and Created by a Woman Who 

Truly Cares About Improving Your Skin

Sarah Swanson is a respected skincare expert who has established one of the most sought after practices on Manhattan's chic Fifth Avenue. Her client roster is replete with some of the most elegant and established of the city's social set including fashionistas, financial titans and elegant Ladies-who-Lunch. Sarah’s unique approach to improving beauty and life is also sought after by celebrities and international clients as well. 

Based upon a cutting edge skill-set refined over 13 years of practice combined with her reassuring grace and personal beauty, Sarah Swanson has created a much desired clinical setting and a reputation for meeting her clients’ high expectations. Sarah takes the mystery out of looking better, going beyond just treatments to the beauty that lies within.

Exclusive Special Offer

Get a FREE Designer Travel Case With Every Order!

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